Women, Sex & Pleasure

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There are studied ways to open up to what is most deeply nourishing and satisfying to you. There is a profound connection between true love and erotic passion, a connection cultivated through the mysterious depths of your soul.

We have a whole generation of young women who don’t know how to flirt and they have been told they don’t have to flirt. All they say to a guy is exactly what they feel all the time. And guess what, it doesn’t work. Because, you know, since the days of the cave, since Mel Brooks ‘2000 Year Old Man’, we have been flirting with each other and it’s that game that peaks the sexuality. It’s not dishonest either. It’s just flirting. – Erica Jong

In America over the last twenty or thirty years there’s this psychic  message that began to appear that basically a woman has to make a choice. You can be glamorous, sexual, sensual, beautiful or you can be taken seriously. And taken… you know, given credibility as an intellectual or an intelligent person. And I think what we have to do now is to repudiate that dichotomy and see it for what an oppression it is.  So, so many woman have been like practically like men in drag over the last twenty years in America because we’re afraid to show our real feminine juice. Because a woman’s juice is her witch power. You know in the middle ages when  women were called witches – the word ‘witch’ means wise woman, and the wisest woman owns her entire self.  – Marianne Williamson

Let’s just admit that anything that women do that involves sexuality and pleasure, they get criticized for. And we have a very pleasure hating culture. But it allows more pleasure to men than to women. This is a problem. I see it as a problem. I see it as very nasty and I think it’s very often unconscious. People don’t even know that they live in a pleasure-hating culture, which very much dumps on women for seeking any kind of pleasure. We have to change this. – Erica Jong

So our sexuality is part of who we are. Not only is it part of who we are, it’s part of our power. Our.. power to caress, our power to intuit, our power to conjure, we will conjure up the new world. Our power to invoke.  When you take that away from us, to say we can’t be considered serious if we don’t have that, it’s like emasculating a man.

Well there’s a parallel to that among women. You take away our  stuff and we’re made less also. So, you know, awareness is the answer to everything. And as women, stand up and say, I want to bring all of me into this. – Marianne Williamson

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